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Office Environment Consulting, a full-service office furniture installation company. We provide assembly services for office panel systems, desks, cubicles, chairs, file cabinets and other modular office furniture. We offer mounting services for a range of office products including but not limited to cork boards, white boards, visual boards and case goods.

Our furniture installation team is led by an experienced project manager and is capable of building cubicles, workstations, panel systems, desks, chairs and other furniture pieces. We can quickly stage, sequence and install both free standing and modular office furniture and will work quickly to transform your office into a usable and efficient space. We also plan and facilitate removal of workstations and the modification of existing space when downsizing.

We are able to minimize the cost of new furniture by making use of your existing furniture. We can offer you a multitude of ways of maximizing what you already have to create a brand new office space. Our clients have found enormous savings resulting from improved efficiencies in all stages of the furniture management process.